A Different Perspective by a Blogging Newbie

Hi, my name is Siyan. I am currently working with the co-owner of Brum Bloggers, Ting, on work experience to learn all things blogging!

So far, I’ve learned so many interesting things about the blogging community that I didn’t have a clue about before. Reading blogs, and watching vloggers have been long standing passions of mine from as far back as I can remember, and over the past few months I have been raring to set up my own blog and get on with it! I’ve never properly blogged before, so what a better way to learn about the whole industry than with an already successful blogger, The Ting Thing.

So far i’ve learned the ropes of how WordPress works, what the typical blogging life looks like, and what sort of things bloggers get up to in their spare time. As part of my placement with Ting, I was invited to a River Island Style Studio event. Of course, I had never been to a blogger event before so I didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived, me and Ting were greeted by the friendly host Abbigayle. We were seated in the Style Studio lounge area, separate from the main store changing rooms. I couldn’t help but feel like the Style Studio was the complete opposite of the typically expected ‘manic’ shopping experience. It seemed like the perfect place to get stress free and helpful advice about an outfit as an individual, or even as a small group for a specific occasion.

As you can see by the previous photographs, refreshments were not in short supply! We were offered amazing cocktails, and lots of yummy food which I had to take advantage of before the event finally started. The Style Studio stylists from the Birmingham River Island Store introduced the night with a rundown of the latest fashion trends and how to easily incorporate the looks into our wardrobe, no matter our style tastes. The most popular recurring item being denim…

After that, we were all set a 15 minute styling challenge, to put together a look from clothes in store inspired by the trends that the stylists had talked through. One stylist had mentioned the reappearance of orange tones in the summer wardrobe and how flattering they can be. So while browsing, I thought I would co ordinate an orange look, as I don’t usually have this colour in my wardrobe. And after catching sight of these beautiful wide leg trousers and white lace top, I completed my look with a pair of sand coloured sandals and a matching orange handbag.

To my surprise, I actually ended up winning the styling competition along with a cute goody bag of beauty and skincare samples. The attendee bloggers were so friendly, and now I definitely feel inspired to set up my new blog and get writing as soon as possible. I think it’s safe to say my first blogger event as a ‘non blogger’ was a success! The event was so fun, and I would love to attend more events in the future as a blogger.

I will definitely be returning to take advantage of River Islands styling service without a doubt!


Over and Out,

Siyan x





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