History of Brum Bloggers

Revived in April 2016 by Laura of Full to the Brum and Ting of The Ting Thing, Brum Bloggers brings together people blogging in and about Birmingham, UK – or those looking to link up with Birmingham bloggers.

Remembering the original incarnation of Brum Bloggers fondly, Laura and Ting wanted to revive the idea.  Brum Bloggers today is a space where those interested in blogging can link up, but also helps showcase the talented bloggers in the city.

The History of Brum Bloggers

As far as anyone can tell, Brum Bloggers started in early 2008. This was a time when people either “got” the internet, and those who thought it was just a bunch of geeks.  Thankfully there were a group of people who got it, and saw the potential for using the internet to communicate and innovate.

And for a while Brum Bloggers did some really awesome stuff.  Birmingham seemed to be leading the way; hyperlocal blogging, social media cafes and surgeries were set up, bloggers won all sorts of awards and a bunch of bloggers got invited to a political party conference, although why no one seems quite sure why the latter happened.

And then the rest of the world caught up, and at the same time most of the original Brum Bloggers got busy, moved or moved into looking at different things, and the group slowly went into hibernation.

Fast forward to 2016 and a couple of bloggers have dragged Brum Bloggers out of hibernation.  In part to resurrect the old idea of a space for people to be enthusiastic about blogging, particularly in Birmingham, but because no one wanted to come up with a new name.